Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hipster Baby 101

My friend Wess and his wife Emily had a baby girl about a month ago. With the craziness of Christmas, the end of a quarter, the start of a new one, and incessant paper writing it took me awhile to put these gifts together. But she's a baby and doesn't know that the gifts are late so I felt alight to be about a month late.

Before she was born I took it upon myself to be her self proposed hipster life coach. I desire to help guide her in the ways of being a baby hipster. The swoopy bangs are still growing in so until that time comes I thought I would help her with fashion consciousness as well as musical taste.

The gift idea came when I realized that the Wilco store sold baby clothes. Since I am now the hipster life coach I knew that the baby needed right off the bat a little onesie with the Wilco logo on it. I also know that she really enjoys In Rainbows from Radiohead. The girl needs to represent from the crib so I decided that you can't really buy Radiohead onesies I would make some. The picture above has four different designs. They are all really fun and unique and best of all organic. My favorite one might be the one that says "My Dino Can Eat Your Dino." I hope she likes dinosaurs as much as I do.

No baby can go without great music. A few days after her birth I was asked to compile some songs for LL to introduce her into hopefully a lifetime love of great music. After going through my music and just dropping them into a playlist, I realized that I had a lot of songs and it needed to be in a couple of parts. These are some of my favorite songs from throughout the years. Here is the track listing:

Baby Hipster ABC's...Part One
1. No Ones gonna love you... Band of Horses
2. To Be Alone with You... Sufjan Stevens
3. Wonderwall... Ryan Adams
4. Pillars... Sunny Day Real Estate
5. The Luckiest... Ben Folds
6. The Orchids... Califone
7. The Trapeze Swinger... Iron and Wine
8. Impossible Germany... Wilco
9. Pretty Dress... Rosie Thomas
10. God Only Knows... The Beach Boys
11. Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl... Broken Social Scene
12.The Lakes of Canada... Innocence Mission
13. Matinee... Damien Jurado
14. First Day of My Life... Bright Eyes
15. True Love Waits... Radiohead
16. Only In Dreams... Weezer
17. Do You Realize?... The Flaming Lips

A Hipsters Guide to Being a Baby: Part Two
1. Chicago... Sufjan Stevens
2. Heavy Metal Drummer... Wilco
3. I Feel it All... Feist
4. Isn't She Lovely... Stevie Wonder
5. Staring At the Sun... TV on the Radio
6. Arcarsenal... At the Drive-In
7. Search and Destroy.. Iggy and the Stooges
8. Lousy Reputation... We Are Scientist
9. Night On Fire... VHS or Beta
10. Glass Danse... The Faint
11. Helicopter... Bloc Party
12. Damnit... Blink 182
13. Ain't No Trip to Cleveland... Brandston
14. Lord Leopard... Caribou
15. Stronger... Kanye West
16. Pattern Recognition... Sonic Youth
17. Paint It Black... The Rolling Stones
18. That Right Ain't Shit... The Books
19. King of Carrot Flowers Part ... Neutral Milk Hotel
20. Where It's At... Beck
21. If You Leave... Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark

So this is the beginning of the baby hipster movement. I can't say it will catch on but at least LL will be one cool baby!! Wait she already is. I can't wait until she is old enough where I can take her on little trips to the record store or hipster clothes shopping!


t said...

amy! this is the cutest ever! watch out... the babies are going to be flocking to you for hipster lessons!

Unknown said...

amy, i've got some close friends expecting their first child. we all are big music fans. your musical tastes are totally aligned to our playlists. are you in the business of making baby clothes? and radiohead couldn't be more dead-on. let me know.