Thursday, November 8, 2007

Top 5 Favorite Songs

I was asked tonight what my all time top five favorite songs were. Within moments I had three, a couple more i had the fourth, and the firth I am sure will be developed by the end of this post. The act of the favorite song is different than the all time top five favorite bands or the all time top five favorite albums. These three are ENTIRELY different categories and entirely different bags all together. I think music really relates to your soul and your feelings. I think the songs move you into a new space entirely or you will never get sick of them.

You can not judge someone for their favorite songs. This is different than the band...that is a matter of wholistic taste. Some of the worst bands can write a song that can change your life. It does not make them a great band or even a great songwriter. It just means they wrote something that changed your life.

My top 5...
Your Hand in Mine --Explosions in the Sky
(this song is utterly beautiful and the best song to think to as well as to drive to)

Sunken Treasure-- Jeff Tweedy
(This would be from the solo DVD and not from Being There Disc One. There IS a difference. I like this version better because of the openness and space that you can feel from the recording as well as the raw emotion).

Damnit-- Blink 182
(I am sure I just lost some points with some people but I am definitely okay with this. I remember when I was a kid in high school and hearing this song for the first time. I was sitting in my parents living room on the forest green couch. the video was illy and that beat was something I couldn't get out of my head. Let's just say that this song may have launched my love for music.)

Dreams--The Cranberries
(This song is beautiful and driving. It some how keeps me hopeful for something bigger than myself. I see a lot of simplicity and beauty and a whole lot of life. Call me crazy but then again I LOVE it.)

The fifth song is usually hard for me or the fifth of anything. It's the last straw or the icing on the cake but it is hard but if I cam going to choose one it will have to be....

The Trapeze Swinger--Iron and Wine
(It goes on all my mix tapes within the last year or so. There is something so beautiful about the line "I heard from someone you're still pretty" and this song has opened the door to some really beautiful conversations.)

If there are some Runners Up they would be
Wonderwall-- Ryan Adams cover of Oasis. Simple. Beautiful. Breath taking. Took something and made it beautiful.

That's When I reach for My Revolver--Mission of Buurma. Freaking Amazing

Sufjan Stevens--Chicago. The acoustic version live at Calvin College. It is so stripped down and is the back bone to all the other versions he has done. It is beautiful and i remember the first time I heard it it brought a tear to my eye.

So these are my thoughts. I would love to hear your list if you have one....


throwingroses said...

Off the top of my head, and I must lump me in with the most common and didactic answer: "I can't say a top 5 but these are some of my all time favorites."

1. The Killer by Damien Jurado
Off his small pressed one sided lp. I saw him preform it once, a wonderful tale that makes me wonder if being a serial killer could be fun.

2. Revolver by Mission of Burma
True angst, doesn't matter if you can relate to the lyrics, you can't deny the voice.

3. Do You Realize by The Flaming Lips Yeah this is a song used for countless weddings and proms, but it's also used during funerals. And that what makes it more than a cliché', a song that represents love and death..I've never gone through a live show of theirs and not teared up during this song.

4. Martha by Tom Waits
The perfect song, maybe the perfect song to drink burban to.

5.Elderly Woman by Pearl Jam
Never stopped loving this song.

other kick ass songs for myself:
hunted by a freak by Mogwai
This year by Mountain Goats
When Will They Shoot by Ice Cube
Savory by Jawbox
Idioteque and Let Down by Radiohead
Louder than a bomb (JMJ mix) by Public Enemy
Disgust For Details by Coalesce
Where Eagles Dare by The Misfits
Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen

amy said...

I love your top five. I think the reflection of Do you Realize is right on. I don't think you CAN get through that song and NOT tear up. I think it is utterly beautiful. So good I wish I had wrote about it.