Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A night where smiles were given out like candy.

Anathallo and Dosh @ Spaceland 6.15.08

I have been a fan of Anathallo since 2002. They have been friends for quite some time and if I had to count how many times I have seen them live I think I would need four hands. Alive and Electric is the best way to describe their music. With seven members who are passionate to play to see them live is always a lot of fun. Hand clapping and sing-a-longs are not foreign from the crowd. When I used to live in Michigan it was an experience because everyone knew their music and had no problems dancing along. Living in LA there are different crowds but it was a lively crowd this night and that only enhances the experience. I am looking forward to the new record to come out in Novemember. There is a new song posted on their myspace page. It's entitle Noni's field. It's beautiful.

The headliner for the evening was the noise/improv/indie/electronic stylings of Minneapolis native Martin Dosh. He is known for a lot of work with Andrew Bird but his solo work is fantastic. Intriguing. Engaging. I really enjoyed it because I like free form. I like to be taken on a musical journey, open to the listener to choose their own adventure and be taken on their own emotional journey because they have inserted themselves into the musical conversation. With him this night was a man who played saxophone that was so amazingly delicious. It was warm and friendly with free jazz undertones. The evening was a surprise and I was so pleased with what I heard and how it engaged me. You can find some of his tunes on myspace or if you have some extra downloads on emusic his whole catalogue is available.

A beautiful suprise was opener Karin Tatoyan . Her music was beautiful and engaging and she was a performer. It was dramatic and her vocals caught me by surprise. The group made up of live drummer who also manipulated electronic loops, with trumpeter, and chelloist dressed in masks and KArin in a Bjork-like 80s sparkle dress and lyrics to match. It was beautiful and fun. It was noted they had only been together for two weeks but it was worth the listen and it strong. I am looking forward to hearing her in the future. Hopefully with knowing who she and noting what she likes rather it being overpowering the performance. Overall it was wonderful and I bought her solo record which was worth it because she did a lovely cover of Wilco's Radio Cure.....and we all know what I feel about Wilco!!

Overall the night was fantastic.
I got to see some beautiful music
and beautiful friends.
I saw something new and old and
was probably one of the best shows
as a whole
in awhile.

The night was fantastic.
The music was fantastic.

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