Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fire Songs

Just a few weeks ago I went and saw and wrote about The Watson Twins at Amoeba Music to promote their sophomore full length, Fire Songs. As noted earlier the Twins first were noticed when there backing vocals accompanied Jenny Lewis' Rabbit Fur Coat. This record is soft and inviting a treat to hear more than just faux country backing vocals, but the full strength of voices and talent from these sisters from Kentucky.

Fire Songs is built around the sisters ability to find ways to utilize their vocals that bring out the gifts and talents of both Chandra and Leigh Watson. The strong opener, "How I Am to Be", that is a smart, xylophone based, fun pop song. The rest of the recordt is rather stripped down and their are strong (and some weak) moments of slow, and dreamy. The songs have the potential for you to grab a man (or a lady) and sway slowly to their harmonious collection of originals and the cover of The Cure's, "Just Like Heaven". (Sidenote: This may be the best song on the record. Maybe it's because I have loved this song since my childhood or maybe because I love when people cover a song and give it their own interpretation). I am a sucker for a lap slide and it is used nicely throughout the record.

Overall Fire Songs is a good follow up post Lewis. I hope they continue to make records and find a niche that continues to highlight the beauty of their voices and acknowledge who they are and who they will continue to become. If you are interested in hearing the record, check out the websites and click the moth entitled "Media", from here you can stream the whole record.


Dave and Betsy: said...

You rock. I figured I'd drop you a note to say hey. Every time I find some cool new music I think of you and Joy and the CDs you guys made me for the journey east. I just found this group called Sigur Ros. I'm sure you've heard them by now, but come on... this is the best group I've heard in a long time. Maybe ever. Crrrazy. Anywho. It's late. I'm tired. Peace out sista.

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