Saturday, December 13, 2008

snow day.

Being away from the winter has done me well
when the sun shines i feel like there is a different sense of

and yet I retreated back
to a place I once called home
the rain was loud against my window
and you sat and read and listened
as the pounding force of the rain
was it's own rhythm
in the midst of silence

and now the snow has begun to fall
and new clothing adorns my body
and my legs and arms
are consistenly wrapped in a variety of materials

the feelings of linen and wool against my face
as I try to beat the cold

and the snow is beautiful
so silent as opposed to it's counterpart
and you have to watch
with silence
in the dark
as the wind make it dance outside of the
freezing window pane.

and that is where i am at.
staring at the grace offered to me
as well as the silence.


Anonymous said...

Great poem!
Thanks for sharing it.

Matt DeBenedictis said...

I miss the snow not at all.