Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a strange.

I had this strange experience yesterday where my life currently went and intermingled with my past. I was thinking of a record and a friend called and mentioned that he was listening to that record right at that moment. It wasn't something that I have listened to for quite some time and it was a strange coincidence.

To be honest I love strange coincidences. Usually that is when my lazy mind recieves a signal that something is happening that you are not in control of.

The strange coincidences continued to happen throughout the evening.

I like knowing that we are not alone.

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Kraig said...

Hey sister,

It is Christmas Eve and I am sitting down in my parents basement eagerly waiting for tomorrow to arrive not only so that I can celebrate Christmas, but also so that I can go pick up Danielle and Kyri from the airport as they have been hanging with family in Alberta. I figured I'd pass some time visiting friends blogs, so here I am just saying "hi". Hope you are doing well sister. Keep pressing on. Have a Merry Christmas!

Kraig B.