Monday, June 22, 2009

beauty upon beauty.

I spent the morning being tired. I was tired because of the beauty of community, friendship, true love, and laughter. I can only say that I know some of the most amazing people in the world. These people are kind, loving, gracious, beautiful, free spirited, and connected to a beautiful God who is never limited.

I stood up in the Sparks-Graeser wedding that ultimately so beautiful with a blue sky, cool shade, green grass, and love that is tireless.

I am grateful for the people who challenge me.
Who push me endlessly.
Who love without having to try.
Who are good. Who fail and pick themselves back up.
They fight with their voices rather than their fists.
They inspire me to be better.

They inspire me to continue to be honest and open.
They inspire me to create. To think of new ideas and to approach life with vigor and always with a smile.

I can never give up
I can never give in

when i have friends like these.

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