Saturday, May 26, 2007

I will Survive?

It is a Saturday afternoon, and to those who may not know, I have an affinity to the Saturday morning lineup of cartoons. I like the art and design and the plot lines that try to teach kids morality as well as hopefully giving a little chuckle. I like the cartoons. You can make fun of me....I can take it.

The reason the cartoons are mentioned is once the morning turns into the afternoon, channel 5 here in Los Angeles, plays the Best of Soul Train. Now I want to say that since I have been actually home on the weekends this is purely entertaining to me. Three is nothing like beautiful black men and women in spandex, leg warmers, colorful tanks, and gold chains (and spandex in case you didn't pick it up the first time) dancing to the likes of Rod Stewart and disco classics. It really brings to mind what we think is cool one moment tends to fade within a year or now a days just a few months.

I am constantly entertained by life.

I think it is humorous that KTLA values the importance of Soul Train. Like clockwork every Saturday the dancing divas are video taped for their dancing prowess and Top 20 Hit for the moment. I think it is like a time capsule that we have dug up and found (or placed) cultural significance on the value of the song, the singer, the fashion, the dance moves. I feel like I have performed a few of those steps at the Macomb Performing Arts Center in late Junes for most of my childhood.

I hope and pray that the people who are featured as dancers on Soul Train recount their days on the show and pull out this little factoids at parties or late nights at bars talking to the stranger over their shoulder. This is my hope. If not that there is a copy of the video tape, or BETA, of the moment they were featured, or just in the corner, of the dance floor of Soul Train.

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