Tuesday, July 3, 2007

our created nature and a rat

I am fully aware that the television and movies I watched as a child affected who I was to become. I can only look back with a smirk and I know that this helped play into the ideas that i hold so dearly now as an adult. My friend Harris and I went to see Ratatioulle on Sunday with the full expectation and understanding that we would morph into our child like states, hold off on all the school work we were doing, and immerse ourselves into the world Pixar would create for us.

i was amazed at how good the movie was. I saw previews for the movie on abc where they raved and raved about the film. I don't buy that hype often but I knew this would be a good time or at least the animation would be worth seeing. It offered us/me more than I was bargaining for. There were scenes where they showed the Arch de Triumphe at night and all the light was being prismed through the individual stain glass, and that was less than two seconds of a shot. A cartoon again brought up the desire to go to Paris. What a beautiful city with so much to explore and encounter. I must go one day and sit inside a beautiful rustic cafe and sip espresso while watching people passing by.

Back to the movie...the story was even better. It really played on the idea of who and how we are created. I believe it again plays on Marxist ideals that wanted to erase the dividing lines between classes and what makes something better than another. It also played on the ideas of truth and how we can be expanded by encountering something that exists outside of our limits or perimeters we give truth. I was really moved by the ideas presented. That a movie towards children could really play on the ideas that truth is what we make of it. The spiritual realm can be found in this film. The matter of creation and why we are on earth is a question some children ask after they see this movie. I hope that we all are aware of what's around us. I hope that when we are presented an idea that moves our core, that shakes all that we know to be true we can regroup and refocus on ability to reevaluate what we know to be true.

I adored the movie and all the thoughts and discussions I have had post watching. I went to get my mind off school and left with new ideas that I know will impact how I think and perceive my knowledge for years to come. i am impacted by the fact that there is something in us that burns and aches and all we know is that we need to follow that path. Sometimes it is so crazy to follow that path. It doesn't make sense and for all intensive purposes it doesn't. But in the end that's how i ended up here in southern California. I would not settle to be a counselor or a youth pastor (great professions but I knew somewhere I was pretty miserable if I would have chosen these roads). I knew there was something greater to run after and I feel like I am just finally finding my potential. That doesn't mean I stop running it just means I have stopped running either in circles or the wrong direction. I am grateful for the opportunities to be moved and challenged by my culture. I think it's so lovely and my faith above all is strengthened by these creative avenues.

I think there is something to be said about embracing your child like nature and running towards things that will make you laugh. That's why I have nerf guns......and at some point during the summer have a full fledged water balloon fight. I think that might have to take place in between the philosophy and classes in the old testament. I think that's what this heart will need during a hot summer in Pasadena.


julee said...

Now, see...I didn't like it that much, but then I'm not as smart as you :) I'm going to watch it again with your notes beside me. Check Julee's Journal for my review, and the recant. See ya in about a month.

wanderingellimac said...

you make me want to see this movie. glad it was a good one. and with the harris how could it not?
i hate paris - but i would totally go with you. you got me at the part about sipping espresso.....