Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Quick thoughts

Well I finished the Potter book. My love for Harry Potter has never been a silent love but something that i have loved for a long time (see previous post). But i continually realize that life is a process. This is not a spoiler I promise you but I realize that love and friendship are all so important. Love is something that brings you closer to not only to your identity but to the identities of others.

I am tired. I am in a class that his way bigger than my current understanding. In some ways it is about understanding. It is towards understanding a text and how that makes meaning or value. Understanding our traditions and prejudices through this new understanding. In seeing this I have now realized how much I don't know about living. How much I have left to learn. What I bring is broken. i am not perfect and in this quest will never be perfect. That quest is silly, pushing in the wrong direction.

There are things in my life I am meant to do. Philosophy is not one of them. But getting to understand this will come one of these days. It is humbling to get a large swift kick to the ego.

This book is not like Harry Potter. In the day and a half that I read Harry it takes me hours to get through a couple of pages. This is not east nor fun reading. It is about interpreting the text. It seems overwhelming at time but there are moments where it makes sense. Just a few more days and it will be over. I know I am gaining knowledge but it hasn't clicked yet!

I burned myself with coffee today. It was all worth it for the comment that was made by Josh Martinez. I hate light coffee it is to acidic. The acidity is gross and it hurts my stomach and i told Josh that it tasted like ass. His response was priceless and made me laugh really hard...."ass is acidic, huh?".....or something like that!!

I am tired.

I am overwhelmed.

My thoughts have been pretty muddied lately. I will have a better post when this class is over and i am actively involved in life again....


Ed Wrather said...

Dear Amy,

I understand the tired and the being overwhelmed. Life can be something of an endurance contest at times but you can endure and overcome this challenge.

Praying for you,

Ed Wrather
theburningbush dot net

Grant Wahlquist said...

Haha "ass is acidic". Oh, Martinez.

Pete said...

Hey. Let's get back in touch. I want to talk to you about some stuff.