Friday, October 12, 2007

at the window.

As I am sitting here trying to do my homework I watch life walk by these windows. Life that is dressed in flower print dresses, t-shirts that explain college attendance or how they enjoyed their vacation in St. Barts or some other tropical paradise with over priced beers and assortments of beaded wares that you can return home to your children who are begging for your return and the material wares. I see brokenness and joy as just the last hour has displayed the faces of those walking by the window. .Kids skating on their skateboards, lunches in brown paper bags, and I wondered what those who may have sat at this window years ago would have seen and those who sit here 20 years from now what their eyes will process.

What will have changed?
Will there be long-haird Mexican teenagers skating to the Arco? Or will the Arco be replaced with high rise apartments. The gas station being sold because their is a car that runs on water or on dandelions? The need for such a place might be archaic. Or will we all be walking because everything in the city seems to work together? Will the suburbs be the new city squares?

Will the elderly ladies still be wearing back pocketless pants with elisto waistbands? Will our dress still communicate our desires and purposes? Will men find the cure for the elusive polo shirt, stone washed jeans, and baseball hats that communicate ether a team or honking for America?

I don't know where the thoughts have sprung from. Maybe it's sitting with the new Radiohead (in Rainbows) that is so simple and elegant and doesn't push forward but allows the door for noise and simplicity to intertwine. Beautiful isn't it?

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harris said...

great writing in this post my friend. keep it up.