Friday, December 7, 2007

The Milk of Human Kindness

I love to share music and I love getting music. I love going to record stores and just putting my hands over the used vinyl, looking through the shiny cellophane to gaze deeply into the minds of new friends or new ideas. I love music, music magazines, and all things having to do with music. Somewhere in the last month I shuffled around some music from my external hard drive to my itunes and found music that I hadn't heard in a long time and music that I never realized was in my little guy....

What I found was Caribou's "the Milk of Human Kindness' a record that received a lot of great reviews when it came out in 2005. It is a great electronic record fused with 60s folk and some 70s sole. It's smart, eclectic, moving and really great to listen to. I think there is a great variety on the record. At the heart of my liking of music I like records that share a story, have a start and a finish, that in some ways it is a cohesive unit even if explores concepts throughout the record it comes back together. This record is not like that and I still really love how it is all over the place. I like all the layers and the different feelings the record really portrays. It's all over the place but really something I keep going back to. Sometimes there are vocals and sometimes there are just some really great beats being laid down. Love it.

The song, Lord Leopard, is my favorite. It reminds me of the dance sequence parts of bad teen movies (Save the Last Dance or Center Stage, things i hate to love but I do). It should be in a film if it isn't already. I think the song gives me energy every time I hear it. I found a video of the song you should watch it, it is so sweet and kind. Of course it is! Those are the things in life I find myself attracted to. The simple beauties and the simple wonders. Go and download this record, seriously do it, it's so worth it. If you are into this record then take the chance and get the new record, Andorra, seems to have a lot more lyrics then this one but it should be a good one as well.

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