Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My ears 2007

I think it is pretty much a tradition that I get some sort of gift card that will inevitably draw my attention to the Itunes store. I love the fact that people realize that this is something that I will like and enjoy and know that will be used pretty instantaneously. It made me sit back and relax and spend hours looking at new records and deciding what will be the newest additions to the Itunes library. I enjoy music and the complexities of sounds and moods. I realized today that I really do love stripped down sounds. Something without a lot of layers, fuss, and commotion. I want a lot and I know where I need to head to next to continue building the library that I so want.

I looked through the lists and realized there was a lot of records that I liked this year or was reintroduced to. I spent the summer diving into the Sonic Youth catalogue. I have been getting into noise rock and specifically the work of Jim O'Rourke and wanted to know the roots of such a sound. Who better than Sonic Youth to teach you so. I love the depth of this band but I also realized how some of their records sound very similar but I also realized that I want Kim Gordon to be my best friend.

I spent some time this last month listening to hardcore and metal. I guess I lose myself in the music and feel like I can just let it go when I sit back and let the music take my anger. I paint really well when I am listening to hardcore. Maybe it's because I can't hear the lyrics to well or the double bass pedal is calling my name. I don't know what it is but it makes me happy and calm even though it's all up in my face. I resurrected some old friends Anah Aevia and Every time I Die. I also found myself immersed in Affinity, You and I, Snapcase, and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. Is the music good? Technically good but it's a hell of a lot of fun.

I got my hands on the We are Scientists record, With Love or Squalor. Wow. I was leary about it at first but then there was a little song that was put on repeat for about two weeks. It's so FUN. I like dance/new wave. There was a lot of talk this year about dance/electronic stuff (how could you not see a list this year without M.I.A, Justice, LCD Soundsystem, or Burial. I like these because they are fun but at the end of the day it's not what does it for me. I like rock, alt-rock, indie-rock, americana, or hip hop. I think coming back to the We are Scientist record is fun for me, in a different way that hardcore is, this gets me on the balls of my feet and shake my booty. I like sassy drums and this does it for me.

There were some great Hip Hop records that I really enjoyed this year. My friend Henry turned me on to Brother Ali. An albino rapper with muslim roots. It's interesting beats and smart lyrics put a smile on my face. I also really really enjoyed El-P's record. I think this came our late last year and I really enjoy it, it's so smart and the mash ups are really worth sitting back and realizing what he did with the songs. I also got my hands on Jay-Z's mellow soul/rap record, American Justice. I was surprised and taken a bit aback by what was on the record. There is not one song that is all in your face or make you want to bounce the shoulders, but it's a classy record. Just like J.

This year I want to take the time and get to know the LA scene a little bit better. It's a huge one and there is always something going on. I hope to find more music and dive head in to new sounds or old sounds remade to sound new. I love music....

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skinnywhiteboy said...

Hi - sonic youth are always worth re-dicovering/discovering I agree...you might like to try this lot if you were inspired by the sonics, sorry if this is case of teaching granny to suck eggs(!): husker du (the earlier the noiser),dinosaur jr (ditto), glenn branca's mad and monstrous compositions (where sonic youth first met), butthole surfers, melvins, das damen...and the whole brit noisepop thing: my bloody valentine (my all time favourite band), charlottes, ride. Personally I'd steer clear of the free-jazz related splinter groups but if it floats your boat...