Sunday, December 30, 2007

Anyone Else But You

It's been a whirl wind of a vacation or coming home. I don't know if you can really do both because there seems to be a lacking of usual vacation activities, sand, snorkels, or skis. I did see some snow but that didn't last really long. Being home means a queen sized bed, food that you don't have to pay for, and relatives that ask a lot of questions and mine seem to really want to know the answers. It also means seeing the friends who established your understanding of what makes a friend and what a friendship is supposed to look like.

With that said Christmas evening my best friend since seventh grade (I used to listen to him play Nirvana covers on his guitar during homeroom). We decided that it would be the night that Juno should be watched. Licorice in tow I was on it. Getting there late and only paying $8 to get it and having to sit in the third row, we entered the world of Juno.

Things I Loved about this movie:
1. Ellen Page and Michael Cera are amazing in this film. They are witty, funny, awkward, and nothing shy from being 16.
2. The dialogue is sharp and it seemed that the kids were farther away from Dawson's Creek than most teenage dialogue.
3. The soundtrack couldn't be more perfect to the film. It's like the songs were made for the movie, though farther research it seemed it was found after the movie was shot.
4. It's sweet and charming.
5. Tic Tacs
6. I loved the ending where it reminded me that love is a choice. You choice the person you are with and you choice how you treat the other person and how they are let into your life.
7. My two favorite Television shows have made appearances in which they come to life in new ways.

What I didn't like:

1. Nothing.

Overall the movie is a lovely little guy that has you chuckling and laughing and hoping that you make choices in your life, good or bad, that you can come to the end with and put a smile on your face. Honestly the soundtrack is SO amazing. It's calming and beautiful. Acoustic songs that have a lot of body rather than being sparse and sappy. I loved it. I hope you get to see it.

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