Sunday, May 11, 2008

diet coca cola and unlit cigarettes

in the background i heard familiar tones
and i knew without a shadow of a doubt what it was
they are the soft melodies
and raspy voice

sons that i know like the scars on the back of my hand
it rendered me speechless

and i was caught in a moment
and forgot what i was about to say

and the candlelight
made me want to curl up on the floor
and a glass of wine
and sit in it's notes
it's sounds
it's vision of something

and that something is always different
just like i feel different
i think of you
and then i smile
because i know you are happy
and i am to

and in a different place
that I didn't think I would be in

and i know that distance
does change perspective.

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throwingroses said...

I love this title.Very nice. Very.