Saturday, May 31, 2008

If I was Carrie Bradshaw.

Sex and the City was a show I was reluctant to watch. I was an "evangelical conservative" and we didn't watch shows that had to do with sex, relationships, or physicality. It was my sister who urged me to see the show when there was an episode concerning body image. I loved the raw conversation of four women sitting in an apartment discussing life and not being afraid to talk about what is really on their minds.

So when I heard the movie was coming out I knew where I would be opening day. In the theaters. And I was....

I sat in the theatre around noon, by myself, and enjoyed the fact that I could enjoy the next two hours not thinking about homework, stress, what's next, or what has happened. I sat and I enjoyed what seemed to be an extension of the show. It was like four more episodes of relationships, fashion, and friendship. I loved every moment of it!! If you are not a fan of the show then you will think the movie is trite or cheesy. If you were a fan of the show than it was great to see the what is next in the lives of the four women we assimilate ourselves to.

The colors were brilliant and the plot a lot of fun. I found myself in tears and quite loud laughter. It brought up things in my life that only Sex and the City has been able to do for me. It is honest and asks the tough question of being a woman and wanting it all!! The plot itself drew emotions out of me I wasn't ready for! I wasn't ready to miss my friends from home. I wasn't ready to realize how much I miss being in a relationship. I wasn't ready to think that I might want to live in New York one day. I wasn't ready for those thoughts to be there.

I loved the film. Even if there was some plot pitfalls. I loved that there was hope in forgiveness and hope in love. I am not a major sap but it was worth my time. Next time I see it (because there will be a second, and probably a third and fourth) I will go with my friends. The beautiful ladies that are in my life that are willing to be bold and ask the tough questions.


Crying Out To God said...

So well put, it makes me long for's time to write my side of the story. To change the things that hold me back!

Love you!

Julia Camille said...

i am right there with ya.