Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mogwai@ the Crofoot (Pontiac)

Mogwai @ Crofot May 6, 2009

Beautifully elegant and peaceful was the set and the tone from Mogwai at Detroit'sCrofoot. I think when you listen to instrumental music you can only come with yourself and your ideas how to interpret a song. So many of my own nerosises played out last night as I listened to brilliantly crafted, emotionally driven songs.

I guess I can say they are emotional only for the shere fact that I am an emotional person and I sort through life under the umbrella of beautiful slow jams. They played a slew of songs from a slew of records and to everyones joy ended night with a 20 minute encore of "My Father My King." The 20 minute EP of same name.

When I listen to Mogwai it always sounds a bit darker, than say, Explosions in the Sky. Darker tonely only in the sense that there are moments that there are songs that sound like a ticking clock...time moving moving on. There are no lows and no highs just a movement and that movement has to be forward. There driving parts are what moves me. Holy Crap so beautiful. So ballsy. Moments almost remind me of metal they are so tough. What makes this band so phenomenal is that moments of when it's so tough, fist in hand, the next moments are tender and gentle.

I won last night.

Fellow Scots, The Twilight Sad opened the evening. Incredible as well. Vovally reminds me of Billy Bragg. Instrumentally a good indie swooping sound. There was a moment when the singer was no longer singing in the microphone and just stood there. I don't know why that really affected me so much. The absense of movement. He stood there and just listened. Struck a chord in me. Check out their myspace. Beautiful.

Favorite Mogwai song of the evening:

Mogwai - Mogwai Fear Satan from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

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