Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Wooden Birds: Magnolia

A new record out for Iron and Wine fans who can't wait for the month before their new record to come out can be excited for Magnolia, the new record from the new band The Wooden Birds.

These birds constructed of wood is from the brain of Andrew Kenny, better known for his work in American Analog Set. This mellow record sets up to be a record you want to listen to when it rains or when the fall comes and you want to wrap yourself in a sweater.

To be honest the first couple of listens made me roll my eyes and run to my Iron and Wine records but I dug in my heels and thought well I think I will give it another shot. The lyrics are smart, funny, and some that make you ponder and wonder what might be going through to want to someone to choke. Slow guitars mixed with shakers, drum sweeps, and interspersed beautiful female harmonies.

The way the music is set it reminds me of riding on a train. The tracks moving underneath you taking you someplace you have been before. The beat throughout the record is repetivitive but you know you are getting somewhere rather than nowhere.

Tracks that are a must have: "Sugar" and "Hailey"

There is a great interview with Andrew Kenny found HERE.

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