Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my mother.

I wrote and spoke this at my mothers funeral. It is in tribute to her:

I am truly honored and humbled to be before you today, the daughter of one of the most amazing women I have ever known. I realize that I may be biased because of my relation to her, but I can honestly say after yesterday’s funeral visitation, I know that I am not alone in these sentiments.

Kristy Kaherl was a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend. There are so many words that define this woman and yet sometimes words are never enough. This woman I get to call mother was a friend to everyone that she met… A random person on the street, behind the McDonalds drive-thru window, in church, in a school, in the doctors waiting room. She had a gift of being to ask you questions about your life. The answers were important and you then became an instant friend. I have been told that people were confused by this kindness, could she really be that nice? All I can say is that she was. She was the definition of kindness and compassion. Living out the ideas like hope, faith, and love.

Her eyes sparkled with joy, they danced with wonder and amazement. She always found a way to turn any situation into something that could be smiled at or better yet… laughed with. She would do this thing where she always talked with her hands, or do little dances. She was supportive to everyone and always SO brave. Brave in the way she fought year after year against the breast cancer. Brave to follow her dreams, goals, and aspirations. Brave to wake up every morning and find the good in everything and more important everyone.

Some of her accomplishments include the following: She received her bachelors’ degree in 1971 from Michigan State University, master’s degree in 1973 and Education Specialist in 1981 from Wayne State University. She was awarded Teacher of the Year in through Utica Schools and highly recognized for her work as an Administrator in 2001. She was awarded Mother of the Year at Bethesda Christian Church in 2006. The programs she started and the people who were influenced are numerous.

My mother was an absolute blessing. She always wore a smile on her face and she always had a diet coke in her hand. What we saw on a daily basis was strength, faith, love, and unending hope. Her faith was so strong. She always knew that God’s hand was on her life. She believed that God was moving, her strong tower, and her strength. God would fight for my mother and my mother would fight for God. All glory, honor, and praise was given to God because everyday was a gift. Each day was an exploration and she was so excited to explore it.

My mother was proud of her daughters Amy and Lindsay, loved Doug with unending love and support, blessed to be a daughter to Norma and Robert Bott, proud to be the sister of Bonnie Burns, loved being an aunt and great aunt, even if you weren’t related she may have been an aunt to you, and excited to be a friend.

Thank you for being here today and sharing this day with us. May we go on celebrating Kristy’s life.


Cellar Door said...

That's beautiful Amy.

Thanks for sharing :)

Crying Out To God said...

Amy I see so much of her in you!

Anonymous said...

what a woman of strength, dignity, love, and grace you are, amy!

Matt DeBenedictis said...

Very beautiful Amy. Your mom will go on having her life celebrated by all whom she touched with her life.

The SOLD Project said...

and to think... you get to continue the legacy.
I didn't meet her, but i know her because of your life.
we love you and miss you.

Julee Ann said...

I've been a bad blog reader. Annie told us on Sunday of your mom's death. We are praying for you at this sad, sad, time in your life.

She also said you will be in Michigan for a bit, you have an open invitation to our house.

God bless you as you grieve and hopefully start to heal.
Julee and Mark

The Holdens said...

Hi Amy,

I know we don't know each other very well, but you have been on my heart a lot lately. I am the "Mommy of Eli". We are the two who would come into coffee by the books. We are friends of Wes. Anyway, we were visiting Pasadena the week you were moving. I have been praying for you as you left "home" to go "home" and as you grieve the loss of your mom and celebrate her life.


Dave and Betsy: said...

My heart is with you Amy. This was beautiful. You carry your mother's beauty! I met her only once when your parents were visiting, and I still remember her smile.