Sunday, July 19, 2009


To be young and to be in Detroit. There are some great bands in this newly found fair city of mine. One of my favorites is this delightful band Javelins, probably one of my favorite bands in Detroit. This indiepop band always puts a smile on my face and gets me excited about the possibilities of music. The band is really nothing I have heard before. Tight pop with eerie sounding distorted tracks makes one early to fall in love with.

Last night I enjoyed them at The Lager House. A quick set that was fully enjoyable made me excited about this three, now turned four piece. Matt Rickle, Matt Howard, Julian Wettlin, and Will Yates bring strong indie sensibilities with their influences of My Bloody Valentine, Talk Talk, Stereolab, and Built to Spill to help you understand the low-fi love I give to their jams.

Please check out there record, Heavy Meadows, a smart ten song collection chalk full of this wonderful sound and delightful jams. Erica Froman from the lovely band Anathallo loans her beautiful and stunning voice to give many of these tracks depth and success. I hope you can check them out, I have and will continue.

Javelins - "Out on the Sand" from Suburban Sprawl Music on Vimeo.

If you are in the midwest please check these jams out:
Jul 22 2009 Midwest Fest 09 Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Jul 28 2009 The Pike Room w/ CURSIVE Pontiac, Michigan
Aug 14 2009 F*cking Awesome Fest @ The Majestic Detroit, Michigan
Aug 16 2009 Gold Music Festival Rochester, Michigan

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