Thursday, July 23, 2009

This Womans Work

I watch So You Think You Can Dance every Wednesday without fail. I watch it with great friends of mine I literally have known ALL of my life (trust me there are baby pictures involved). There are two words that get my stomach in a knot, or make me pause, or make me stare off into space and those words are: breast cancer.

Last night this piece was performed to represent the struggle. I have never been more moved in my life. Never a dance or art for that matter has pushed me over the edge more than this piece. Even sitting here writing this I have tears in my eyes.

The song was an excellent choice, the dancing was superb, the male dance Ade got it. He completely got what it was to support someone with the struggle. To want to catch them, hold them up, never leave them alone. He was SO strong. It is such an AMAZING piece.

The video shows the story and the thankfulness of the judges for being able to have the courage and strength to dance this piece. I am so thankful.


Andy Owen said...

I never watch that show, but that was a really amazing piece. Thank you for sharing it!!

C. Wess Daniels said...

wow. thanks for sharing Amy.