Friday, July 17, 2009

Music at the Library: Part One

In the last year my life has kind of flipped upside down and I have found myself in the state where my drivers license told me where I reside. Which means I am in suburbia for just a little while longer. Which means I now have a library where I can actually check out books (for awhile there I lived in different states, never long enough to change my address, hence no library card.

This new library has an amazing collection of music. One that makes my jaw drop a little and wish that their 'alternative' section was my own personal library. So I am going to go back in time a bit. Listen to records that I always wanted to hear but there were many moments I couldn't afford. ahhhhh....the beauty of the library!!

First installment:

Love is All: A Hundred Things that Keep Me Up All Night
Most favorite record that I will probably go and purchase soon. It was so fun. So delightful. The record was released late November 2008 so it slipped through the radar as I obsessed over best of the year lists, which the unfortunate November release gets stuck in between the cracks. Dancerockpop jams! Love it. Have to have it and I hope you do as well.

The Silent Years: The Globe. This is a local Detroit band with band members of bands of my past that I just loved. Since I have been home I have seen them a few times and have really enjoyed myself. This record defintely didn't disappoint. Fun, beautiful questions, slow though not boring. Here's a little taste.

Liam Finn: I'll Be Lightening. This Record was released in 2007 and I have had a couple of tracks floating in my itunes. The whole record is lovely and I was lucky to give it a whirl but it's not something I have missed since returning to the library. It was nice but forgettable.

Black Mountain: In the Future.
Let's Just say this was my least favorite of the bunch. Known as retro-psych the record was released early 2008. It was guitar solos without much substance. I didn't finish it. I returned it without thinking twice. I kind of forgot about it until I went through my list and remembered what i was up to!

So there are the four reviews of records newer and older. I have another large stack that I am slowly wading through. Enjoy!

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