Monday, June 25, 2007

a happy day for a swim

I spent the day busy. Working to make sure I can continue my coffee fixation and running errands. The most important was the oh so important deposit of the financial aid so i could buy the books that I have stacking up in my Amazon wish list. I took care of a sliver but there will always be more to add and more to consume. I walked around the city today with really no care in the world other than not dehydrate and get some sort of tan without having to go to the beach. A place that I get bored to quickly, I wear a leg warmer so my tattoo dodesn't fade, and I try to avoid as much sand as possible. Yet the later is almost near to impossible sincee it's the beach and that's whats there, Sand. Loads of it....

The sand is besides the point to the adventure of the day. I ventured to Amoeba last week to purchase a couple new records but walked away with nothing old but my hands on albums I have wanted to explore for quite some time now and the celebration of being born warranted such an outing. I purchased Happy Day" from Jim O'Rourke. It was in the extremely experimental section in the corner between the ""no one will ever buy these used cds" and "Goth/Industrial." I have been thinking abaout exploring the avante-garde sound for quite some time since I have been listening to too much Wilco and a lot of Sonic Youth lately. It seemed that the natural progression would be to get my hands on the highly experimental Jim to engage in literally noise.

I was a little apprehensive at first towards the repetitive nature and was waiting for my roommate to enter our aparment and wonder what the hell I was listening to. I also thought my neighbors would walk by, hear the noise, and wonder why (yet again) I was listening to something that had nothing to do with yesterdays Top 40 hits. The sounds were intriguing. I was trying to multi task and read while I was listening but I was captured by the sounds. It was a pretty intesnse musical journey as the last 25 minutes of the 48 minute record was repetive sound with little movement and limited direction. I was captured though. I am sucked in. I don't understand the pupose but some sort of mad lib where you fill your own adverb into the blank.

I purchased another 'extremely experimental' recprd and I am intrigued with the process. To the point where I think about making my own at some point. I don't know how to exactly approach making it and no one really will want to hear it but there is somehting about the process that drags me in, like a kid from the community pool when there parents want to go home and they want to stay. That's how I feel. I want to see and experience this. I don't want to get out of the water.

This needs to be said though that the goal was to sit and listen today. I couldn't skip ahead. I couldn't jump forward. I needed to sit and listen. The goal was accomplished and prompthy needed to move to something more poppy. I was okay with that becuase I know I was pushing myself to undertand and to aknowledge what was happening and what was trying to be said through the simple guitar plucks and static. There is meaning and purpose. I needed to sit through the mess to try to understand it. Which seems really familiar to what my life is going through at this moment. I need to sit through the mess to one day try to understand it. The only thing is I want to go back for more. I want to keep swimming.

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Grant Wahlquist said...

You just referenced mad libs in a blog. That's amazing!