Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Tonight I treated myself to a movie. School is not really done yet but I needed to do something like this for myself. I have been pinching my pennies lately and decided that tonight was the night I was going to splurge. I took myself to see the film Once. It is beautiful and simple. It is a movie about music, though some might say it is a musical. It really is not.

The film helps us see the process of making music. When we face brokenness it is many times helpful to try to get it out, whatever way possible. It is through the songs you can hear their stories. The stories that resonate with heartbreak, betrayal, miscommunication, and misplaced feelings. It made me cry because it was beautiful. For a moment I questioned where the tears came from but I know that I am moving from that space of brokenness.

I also realized that I resonated with the process of making music. That someone touched your life and your response was trying to make your feelings into melodies and harmonies. The pictures tell stories of someone that you were and not the person you are becoming. It's amazing to know what the story is rather than dictating what or how you should feel.

The music is from the front-man of The Frames. It is beautiful, simple, and yet powerful. The picture the music paints for the film is all you really need. The characters do not have names and yet you never really need to know their names. They are simply guy and girl in the credits. The idea and desire for friendship is so powerful. It is a helping to see what you have rather than seeing the brokenness and sitting in that despair. It was so so so good. It is along the lines of Amelie for me...

The need to see this movie is great. I hope I can go again and hear how the music impacts and breaks with others as well.

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throwingroses said...

music and the process of writing is such a beautiful thing. I believe the understanding or at least wanting to resonates with so many people. mainly because of how understood music is within our culture.