Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction

I had been recommended this film for the last month or so. Stranger than Fiction is a brilliantly funny with it's simple presence, yet left me with tears. These were not the sad kind of tears but the kind where you know you just realized something about your life and that you will need to take the time to sort through the thoughts and reactions.

The plot, without trying to give the film away, faces the truth that we all die. Will Farrell is the lead in this picture, he hears voices in his head that narrates his life, the mundane plan of the day to day, from brushing his teeth the exact amount of time to taking the same amount of steps to the bus stop. Everything seems to be integral to the story. The background players seem just as important as the major crew that takes the dialogue and makes it the kind of funny that you know you shouldn't be laughing but you are anyway.

The writing is smart, funny, dry, and thoughtful. Overall I loved the film and felt the importance of life and how we can not take it for granted. It reminded me that I continually need to look at life through the lens of simple beauty and pleasure. Life gets me down more than I thought it might but I think what gets me through is the fact that there are the small moments that make it worth it. Sometimes they really are these small moments that swoop me up and then they are gone or sometimes they are really big moments that alters and shifts your life, for the better or the worse.

I know that these moments will always be there and I feel the comfort in those thoughts. The good and the bad are there to interact with. Each are so important to how we grow, evolve, and change as human beings. We can never go back and change those moments so we need to allow them to shape us and form our life. I feel lucky and sometimes sad that these moments have happened.

Stranger than Fiction was a good choice. Healthy and helpful reminder that the choices we make are worth the pain and the glory....

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