Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just breathe...

In times of the in-between I feel restless. I am used to knowing and having books upon books to read, riffle through, and engage with. As I lift my us I see those books sitting on my book shelf calling to me to read them and process their wealth of knowledge. I want to read these books but my body is tired, my mind aches, and I have to work in a few minutes.

I just finished a paper that engaged Wilco with cultural theory. It was a good paper, not the best thing, it could use revision, polishing, and sharpening. I know that if I wish to get a Ph.d. then I need to find a way to write healthy sentences, not ones that are filled with to many words. Like many of these sentences. I am grateful for the opportunities I am receiving in this life. I just hope I make the best of what I have and give me all to the opportunities that are given to me.

Because this week was my birthday I became a consumeristic pig and spent some money at clothing stores that support child labor, or some sort of explotation, and a lot of money on good music. I am interested to see how I process through the hip hop I bought as well as the extreme opposite of noise rock, or unusually experimental, that I am finding myself attracted to lately. I am sure, with time. my thoughts on these albums will be revealed.

I am also joining a book club where we are going to read some classics (the Metamorphosis, Brave New World, tropic of Cancer) and some new reads as well (Safron Foer, vonnegaut, and Sedaris). I am sure with the summer my thoughts on these cultural artifacts will be exposed as well.

In all of this I am trying to breathe. I am trying to see beauty. I am trying to laugh. and above all I am trying to love in a new and healthy ways. So this is me taking a breath, hopefully taking a nap, and seeing laugh with new eyes. Eyes that are no longer heavily jaded but eyes to see what is happening in our culture without trying to shove a dagger inside!

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