Tuesday, June 19, 2007

more memories for this chapter...

As a child I remember celebrating my birthday at places like McDonald's (we got a tour), Bead World, swimming in pools, and sliding on the slip and slide. Birthdays were filled with cake, ice cream, presents, and lots and lots of friends. They were there to celebrate, get the goodie bag that always had those magical pixie sticks and bouncy balls.

This years birthday consisted of cake with blue icing, Transformers plates, Pirate bars, 80s music, friends, friends, pizza, and more friends. It was a very good birthday. One that reminded me that grace is better than anger and love is better than hate. I was reminded over and over that my life has moved forward and that I am not the person I used to be. Often times I didn't choose where I was at in my life but I love that I am past the early twenties. I believe a couple of weeks ago i mentioned that I would have rather do middle school over again than try to recreate those early twenties. That were not easy but they were so important. I now recognize that beauty needs pain.

This birthday was important because i realized where i am have been and where I am excited about going. I know that the patterns that are in my life are those that I have set myself. I am ready to break those patterns and try something new. I know that I move a lot and so I see patterns changing form but not changing entirely. I am ready to break it down and apart. Moving on and moving forward.

I love that as I think about my birthday and turning 26 I still have a kid like attitude. I love that it was Transformers and Pirates. It was no longer Strawberry Shortcake, Unicorns, or ice cream cake. I think it's funny that I like the fact that I am growing up but I never want to let go of that strange innocence that makes us children. The hurt and the pain will come and go and good times as well. That's life i guess.

Let's see where the year takes me. i made two wishes. I hope one of them comes true....

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