Thursday, September 13, 2007

Why we Fight?

This weekend I wanted to catch up on films that i have been told to see and never had the time (or the money) to watch them. On Tuesday I woke up late and decided I had a few hours before work. Why We Fight is a documentary about the Iraq war and why we would have gone. It focused on how America has become a military-industrial complex.

When it was all over and I wiped the tears away I realized that is literally was 9/11 and we still haven't weapons of mass destruction, we still are fighting, we still our sending troops (though today Bush finally has decided four and half years later that it's time to bring some home), children and civilians are broken and dying.

There were some points that really struck me.
Dwight D. Eisenhower made a push in his farewell speech to be wise of power and the use of military force.
The government in this Administration has not heeded that wisdom
American government makes money from war.
Becacuse American corporations call the shots
The war was pre planned it seems like and the 9/11 attack seems like a good time to attack Iraq rather than the Taliban.
That this new technology may not be what it's cracked up to be and more civilians are dying than the planned targeted attacks.

I found myself not so much angry but really sad. Sad that are greed is getting the best of our pride and our hunger for power. The greed is blinding us. We can put a lot of labels on what is going on but deep down we never see the full or whole truth. They are little half truths and the lies are finally becoming exposed. "We (Americans) have this idea that we have lots of information available. There's so much that's not available and so much of the truth, quote, unquote, is obscured by political actors who don't want the world to see what they're doing." The sad part is Bush won't be around to clean up the mess. I guess that isn't so much sad but somebody else now has to clean up the mess.

I am sad that we quest as a Nation for individualism. We start things not for the good of all people but what's good for corporations wallets. Will we grow closer to peace or wholeness? Can we even dream that one day power isn't the overwhelming choice? I hope that we can see life for all people. That hierarchies are no longer valid and class systems segregate and keep others down. I pray that our nation one day can move towards seeing the value in those that are different from us and that we can see the beauty in all life has to offer.

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