Saturday, September 22, 2007

A new start, a new look

The Fall Quarter starts on Monday. I have a lot to do this quarter and a lot to read and I thought I would try a little experiment and try to blog everyday during the week trying to follow certain cultural trends and add some of my thoughts and maybe a link or two. The goal is to continue writing. I need to practice so it can become clearer and I don't have the words I think preface every sentence.

I hope it to be something like this:
Monday--Something about our culture that makes me stop, think, and wonder why that is

Tuesdays--New Music (something that may be new to all ears or just new to mine. This might be the excuse I need to listen to more music or go through my collection and listen to things over again. I promise this won't be all about Wilco).

Wednesdays--Theology (Some thoughts on faith and why it interacts with culture or at least why I see it happening)

Thursday-- Film (Something I have seen or interacted with). I think this might be the toughest thing for me. I don't watch movies that often so this might be the opportunity I need to sit back, watch, and interact with something in this aspect of culture.

Friday--Random thoughts (maybe a picture, maybe a word, maybe this might be about art)

The new look I think separated my thoughts a bit better. I don't know what will come about this. I hope I follow through.


Julee Ann said...

Yes, please.

glo said...

i love that idea! maybe i should do it too...

C. Wess Daniels said...

sounds fancy.

throwingroses said...

I like the new look, I need one.