Monday, September 24, 2007

Reading and Writing ( I don't do math, this IS Seminary)

I remember getting ready for the first day of school growing up (this is not a picture from my childhood, somebody elses). It was always exciting thinking of what was going to happen that year. Lindsay and I would get dressed in our fall clothes, even if it was still warm, and take our pictures on the front porch. It was hard to see our faces as our glasses were monstrous and took over our faces. Taking a look at those pictures reminds me of what it means to start afresh, start anew.

The first day of school is/was today. Fuller is an interesting place to be for a first day. A bunch of adults trying to find their way through the little place we call Fuller. It's interesting the feelings in the air when it's the first day. Some people dread it, knowing they have worked hard all summer and the possible week or two break just wasn't enough. There are others that have their maps in their one hand and the quizzical looks plastered across their faces. I don't think that I have been nervous but excited to start another year here and know that there is not much more time to go.

This year should be interesting. I only have three more quarters and should put that cap and gown on and prove to family and those who may ever see my resume that i have accumulated debt for the sake of knowing and understanding postmodern theory and theology. I am TAing again this quarter for a class that is taught by my favorite professor, Barry Taylor. It focuses on Youth Culture, Postmodern Theology, and Film. I am excited because I am able to use a lot of the research from Beauty From Within to help work on the Youth Culture side of things as well as trying to continue to be stretched by the Postmodern conversation. I decided to do my classes as directed reading which means all I am doing is reading a whole lot and trying to make connections with culture and theology.

I am happy that its the first day. It just shows how beautiful that life continues and life moves on. I am learning a lot and growing by what I am putting into this degree. Because really nothing just places itself on your lap. The first day school doesn't mean that my life drastically changes but it does mean that I continue to move forward and fit the good fight.

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