Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the time is 2:22

I am back to the blog. It has been awhile. I would like to say I was busy but it is also muddled with being lazy. Once that summer quarter final paper was turned in my lovely computer was more of a burden than something I wanted to procrastinate with. I find the busier I am the more I can squeeze into my day.

Because of this I have been watching a lot of movies. I can so I will. I have been on a Stranger than Fiction kick lately. There is something so beautiful in the story that resonates with me. I don't know if people know but I live in patterns. Not the OCD kind of patterns but if I start something and I like it I will repeat them until I am so tired of doing the same activity. It's alot like Will Farrell's character. Not that I do that exact same thing everyday but how I limit things in my life because I end up doing the same things. I know I am not boring but sometimes I can be.

I love this film because I feel like it's moving me outside of my safety net or patterns. I am moving to take chances in my personal life. My academinc life moves without the threats of these patterns because there is a lot of diversity in the writing and the reading. The personal needs a move, a push of sorts. This weekend I woke up to see Sideways on TV. I love this movie because it has some of the same similar undertones but it includes the passion for wine. Something that I love though don't know much about. It's the story of patterns of thinking and how we can so easily get stuck in them for the sake of ease. I think I vented about that topic not to long ago...I think traditions in the church get tangled into this web of thinking. I can see how they get started and how hard they are to break if you have done them for so long.

I think these two stories have a lot of great similarities or how they are impacting me are quite similiar. There is this understanding that we need to change to let go of the past and that or what still haunts you and move to a space that lets you experience something new or gravitates you to what you really desire in your heart.Oddly enough all last week I encountered the numbers 11:11. I like this and 2:22 (because it reminds me of the Julian Theory song) and because I like to make wishes on them. I think they often show what you really want deep down inside and that also isn't within reach. I like to think that I can obtain these wishes or at least do something to get closer to obtaining said wish. It's funny because when I finally sat down to write this blog the time said 2:22. It's funny how these numbers keep jumping up and what pops into my head in return. It's kinda like blowing out those birthday candles.

Concidences and wishes intrigue me.

This week intrigues me. I wonder what else is out there for me?

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