Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hot Hot Heat

Everytime you want to move your arm or a leg feels like it might take days or weeks to do. It feels like there is a block on your chest and your arms bolted to the floor. Every sip of water seems just to ooze out of your pores moments later. When it is so hot you can do nothing and any dream you might have is buried deeply under the sand of the beach you might think of when it's so miserly hot.

It's been so hot here. I am dragging big time. This weekend was so hot, over 115 degrees. I puked, drank lots of water, and barely removed myself from the bed that I laid my head under the whirling fan and the air conditioned house. It was supposed to be the weekend where I was going to diligently finish my paper for Writings. I left my computer at home. I left any reading material also behind. It's was so damn hot....

When it gets this hot you don't want to move a muscle. You don't want to do anything or go anywhere. You don't want to read, or eat. It's funny when the weather is this bad you don't want to insert food into your body. I don't want to even lay on my couch because that is hot as well. Motivation was gone. Yet you think of anything you can do to beat the heat. Target, Borders, coffee shops...anywhere where you don't have to sit in front of the fan that recycles the stale air but use up their air conditioning while piling in goods that you thought you never needed but today was the day where that's all you needed.

Today finally the heat has broken and there is a cool breeze working its way through my apartment, that on Saturday was a mere 95 degrees. It's funny how the heat saps the energy, saps the drive the desire, any hope gone. It's all a matter of survival. It's how can I get and stay cool and not hurt or harm myself in the process. Slowly the motivation is creeping back. slowly the eyes see what's really ahppening. The longing to wearing a sweater is growing as well as hot apple cider and scarves. Fall in California happens in about November so there is still some time.....but a girl can dream....

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