Monday, March 3, 2008

Almost done with the quarter

The Transcendental Model:

This model is a great model if you are going to be in one place for a significant period of time. It helps to pull out the essence of listening and being able to be open for transformational change without limits, plans, boxes, or strategies. It is a model that allows the spirit to move you and the community to a place where you never expected because you didn't plan it to head in a specific direction. The model allows for the spirit and freedom to be at its essence. It hits the core of the basic human experience as well as being available to no ready made answers.

Cobb: Salvation
Cobb views cultural salvation through the lens of popular culture. I liked his lens of seeing life of the spirit through the life of these musicians. My questions lie in the fact do people really process through the lens of salvation? I think Christians really struggle in making connections with pop culture how do they even go a step further to see it in the eyes of beauty of salvation and grace.

Paper Outline:
My goal for the paper is to devise a strategy to look at deconstructing media images for teenage and college women. The goal is to be able to look at the need for deconstructing the images and understanding the benefit of education and understanding. I hope to enable the use of the translation as well as the transcendental model to look at the need as well as communicating the need of such a deconstruction.

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C. Wess Daniels said...

amy - your outline looks good. a couple suggestions:
a) in your first section develop a picture of your context (film? women?) and why it needs to be deconstructed? and the explain how you understand the process of what needs to be done -- explain the choice of this 'method.'

b) connect the second section (bevans) to the first in as much as you show how these models get at the problem/question you bring up in section 1. What is your perspective of the gospel and how it deconstructs this context?

c) here is where you can spell out a strategy that could act as a resource for teens or whomever.

nice work - i look forward to reading this.