Monday, March 10, 2008

Best Mix Ever

I was in a great mood yesterday and realized in the last couple of weeks I had promised some mixes for some people so I put them together and OH MY GOSH did I put some mixes together. Here are a couple. Let me know if you want a copy....

Ryan Adams: Dear Chicago (from album: Demolition)
Sufjan Stevens: For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti (from album: Michigan)
The Avett Brothers: The Ballad of Love and Hate (album: Emotionalism)
Nick Drake: Pink Moon (album: Pink Moon)
Iron and Wine: The Trapeze Swinger (from soundtrack: In Good Company)
Califone: Bottles and Bones (from Roomsound)
Sia: Breathe Me (from album: Colour the Small One)
Ray LaMontagne: Jolene (from album: Trouble)
Tom Waits: Hold On (from album: Mule Variations)
Jeff Tweedy: Be Not So Fearful (live from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos)
Gillian Welch: Dear Someone (from:Time (the Revelator))
Feist: Intuition (from the album: The Reminder)
Son Volt: World Waits for You (from the album:Okemah and the Melody of Riot)
Neutral Milk Hotel: Two Headed Boy Part 2 (from the album: In an Aeroplane over the Sea)
David Bowie: Life on Mars? (from the Life Aquatic soundtrack OR Hunky Dory)
Ryan Adams: Wonderwall (from Love is Hell, Part One)
Radiohead: True Love Waits (from: I Might Be Wrong Live EP)

Some mixes are made for what the lyrics are telling you, a story written by someone else and rewritten by you by the order of the mix. Some mixes are for the energy placed in songs. This mix is more of a feel record mixed with lyrics that are lovely though not a mix that is not written from beginning to end.

What I love about this mix is that it is really mellow. I love that it spans all sorts of genres but has a similar feel and flow. Some of these are some of my all time favorite songs and musicians that really resonate with my life. The simplicities of the songs challenge the complex nature of life and I feel lucky that they have graced my life.

I love this mix. The Sia song is where I am at might be my favorite one (of this current period of time) on this mix...


t said...

ooohh amy... that mix looks so good! wish i could stop by the coffee shop and pick up a copy.

wanderingellimac said...

you're so cool.

Kraig said...

i would love a copy of the mix if you're offering. see you soon. love, danielle

joe. said...

Sia is so 2006... seriously.

But good mix, yo! I'm into the mellow, so much that I fart mellow and it's smells good! All this mix is missing is Jose Gonzalez & Willie Nelson to make it a Top 5 Mellow Mix.