Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Deconstruction Part 2

Thoughts on deconstruction:

These undeconstructables consist of justice, forgiveness, gift, and hospitality...
The Sermon on the Mount (Kingdom living) gives instances of Jesus' choice to enact these within his ministry.

To me these can be deconstructed within the idea of error. For so long these entities have been considered in the church though rarely acted upon. By the non cause of action it has stirred in many the need to act and react. By erroring those who are wrestling with The Kingdom see that we are in need of a reaction.

I think the church errors in saying it holds all the weight and knowledge on Truth. Binary oppositions would be male over female, the sacred vs. the profane, my denomination over or verse your denomination. I think as we see many churches dying we can see that it didn't evolve with the generations but stuck a claim in truth and stopped processing forward. These have been detrimental to love but when we realize that love really does win as well as justice and forgiveness than we are able to wrestle with a new truth that eventually will be deconstructed again.....

Where are there places in the world that are more like Jesus than the church?

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