Thursday, March 20, 2008


At five o'clock tonight I will be done with this quarter and working until Monday. This quarter has been good, challenging, and full of the feeling of transition. I wrote on the body, women and hop hop, media literacy, and David Bazan. I moved. My computer died. I met new people. I felt new feelings.

Overall this quarter was crazy, but in the last couple of weeks I was able to take a really deep breath and assess my life. I am happy. I was driving in my car yesterday with my sunglasses on, the windows down, and singing the chorus to an old song that I had resurrected:

Here's to new beginnings.
Here's to so much more.
Here's to you and your dreams.
and everything you worked so hard for.

I smiled and a tear dripped down my cheeks. I am happy with all that's happening. In just eleven weeks I will be done with my graduate degree. I will have created a path for myself. I live in a new house with some amazing people. I wake up every morning with the coffee pot full and within a moment a smile on my face and a giggle escaping from my lips.

This next week will be slow. I plan on watching movies (good and bad) and going to art museums. I believe there will also be a trip to San Francisco in the works. I think that sounds lovely.

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Grant Wahlquist said...

San Francisco? I wanna come! Call me!