Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Music worth being read

I loved this magazine called Harp that went under last year. As I was searching for a birthday present I came across a magazine entitled BLURT that caught my eye. It looked as similiar to the layout of Harp and as I perused the issue and noticed that it was the same as Harp but a new name. I LOVE the thoughts of the people who write for the magazine. It's smart. Funny. Witty and it digs deeper into the topics than most music journalists allow themselves to dig.

It's not shallow or trite. It doesn't seem to be caught up in just the latest trends but continues to talk about those who came before and how the continue to influence the sounds that come today. It was worth the five dollars.

In a Sex and the City episode Carrie is talking to a fashion photographer about the photos he has taken. She makes mention that she would have to choose food or Vogue and she would choose Vogue because she thought it would feed her more. I feel this way about this magazine. I think reading about music and those who do it feeds me in a way that much else does. I know that I get quite passionate about certain aspects of life and I am okay to be passionate about this.

Something sparked when I found the magazine. I remembered what I loved and though I am far away from what I have considered normal I know that you can't walk away from what you love. For me it's late nights in a smokey space with people who love exposing themselves to art, music, and something bigger than yourself.

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