Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Wilco Record

I am SO SO SO excited!!!

A new Wilco record is set to be released in the end of June. Oh I am a happy lady!!
From this is being said:

The forthcoming and still-untitled next Wilco album is nearing completion. Jim Scott and the band spent the last few weeks mixing in Jim's studio in Valencia, California and here's a list of song titles spied on the reels -- note this is not necessarily complete and not in sequence.

Deeper Down
Conscript (aka I'll Fight)
One Wing
Wilco (the song)
Country Disappeared
Bull Black Nova
Sonny Feeling
You and I

Rolling Stone blogger has heard the record and said they were hoping for a little more Yankee Hotel Foxtrot sonic dissonance but rumors have it that it will take yet another route. I just hope there are some great riffs like in Impossible Germany....

New Wilco=Happy Amy!!


Matt DeBenedictis said...

I saw a wilco poster today. It was for a tour that would slink into Atlanta city limits. I thought of you.

amy said...

It's amazing how one can love something like a band... and yet it still my favorite!

Hope you are well and that one day maybe I could 'slink' into the the Atlanta city limits and we could hang out!

Erik said...

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