Friday, April 10, 2009

life as it begins to bloom.

My spring mix for 2009...
Silly to think it took me about a month to make but it's damn good.

1. Hot 'N Cold--Katie Perry
2. Just Dance--Lady Gaga (it's a guilty pleasure)
3. Gobbledigoook--Sigur Ros
4. Untrust Us--Crystal Castles
5. This Package is Wrapped--Marnie Stern
6. My Girls- Animal Collective
7. What Ever Happened?--The Strokes
8. Graveyard Girl-M83
9. Kids--MGMT
10. Any Way You Want It--Journey
11. Happy As Can Be--Cut Off Your Hands
12. Halfway Home--TV on the Radio
13. A Magazine Called Sunset--Wilco
14. Magick--Ryan Adams
15. Summertime Clothes--Animal Collective
16. For Your Love-Marching Band
17. Parallelogram--Deastro
18. Wouldn't It Be Nice--The Beach Boys
19. Get It On--T. Rex

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1 comment:

Andy said...

Did you see Lady Gaga on American Idol (my own guilty pleasure)? I would hope that would've immediately turned any possible listeners off completely. Shame on you.

I kid. ;) <- see my ubiquitous smiley to illustrate me kidding? skills.