Sunday, April 26, 2009

why should the devil have all the good music?

I haven't been going to church lately.
I don't go because I think it's almost to real
or many times I think it's so far from my reality
and the reality of those that I love that I
just don't go.

This morning I watched the documentary "Why Should the Devil Have all the Good Music?" where the directors of the film went to Cornerstone Music Festival and talked to bands and fans about why Christian music is where it is musically and theologically in this point in history.

There were great questions posted of validity and strength of the message of Jesus. It helped me remember my question of what is Christian and what is 'secular'? I use the secular in quotes because I no longer see the need to separate the two. There is clearly a separation when all i can do is say the word Jesus and I believe in sacred spaces but at the end of the day there is clearly not a difference when the word love is used and when love is in action.

You could tell the differences in interviews of the kids who really thought about the infusion of art with their faith and those who regurgitated what someone else told them to think and infused it with their art.

I don't think I know what the right spirituality is for someone and I don't know if I know for myself. All I know is that the desire for spiritual safety or some sort of safe place to ask questions sounds like a place I desire to be.

Watching the DVD reminded me where I came from the great safe places that Cornerstone music fest allowed me to ask, allowed amazing people and friendships to come into my life, and allowed me to ask questions that challenged me spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Nothing is perfect. Christianity and it's practice is far from perfect as well.

I hope that good questions continue to be asked where we allow beauty and truth to be reintegrated with our faith practices.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely cannot wait to see this film! I was in a touring band back in 2000 called Narcissus and we played Cornerstone. It's such a huge part of my Christian life. Rock it.

amy said...

Wow! I am quite familiar with Narcissus and really enjoyed the jams. You proably will REALLY enjoy this film. I would love to hear your thoughts after you see it.

I like your blog and would love to keep reading! Thanks.