Sunday, April 26, 2009

iconoclasts thought...

If I could have a blanket that covered me with love
the strands that kept me warm
were notes and tunes infused with Wilco
notes out of tune
notes with neutral milk hotel, REM, radiohead, and Miles Davis

I would blanket myself and I would never feel alone
I would feel absolutely embraced by the questions
the loneliness, the joy, the questions, and the peace

I would know that the warmth that I felt
is something that I have put together
and yet I have never made myself

The music embraces me with thoughts that I could never get
from turning on just the radio
but hearing how this music has impacted others
as they have bee stretched to see the world
with new eyes, perspectives, beauty

and so i will lay myself down to hear the silence
but always keeping my ears open to someones
interpretation of how they hear the world.

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