Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Week One: Class One

Before the last quarter has even ended for me the new one is just beginning. I think it's exciting to think I only have four classes left. As an assignment for the class I have to blog bi-weekly about my thoughts about the class conversation as well as thoughts on the readings. I debated about getting a new blog or using this one, but since this is little blog here is about culture and how that dialogues with my daily life and spirituality I will continue to use this guy. The topics are going to vary from anywhere from art to feminism, pop culture, and digital media. I am looking forward to not only my thoughts about these topics but the chance to sit down and finally read cover to cover a cultural theory textbook. I think that makes me a nerd....

In other notes I am doing yet another directed reading with Barry Taylor about Practical theology. It's going to be great for the fact that I am going to do some practical work in conjunction with the reading. This will look like going to art museums and shows and dialoguing about the spiritual significance of these events as well as well with the reading. It looks like it will be a great time.

I am going to busy this quarter because I have a lot of odds and ends floating around. Coffee shop, babysitting, writing articles, being awesome....well maybe not the last one but I sure hope that I try!

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harris said...

are you taking a bolger class that requires you to blog? either way, what class is it?