Friday, January 11, 2008

The body (both physical and communal)

The week has been crazy. Life I had mentioned earlier I have started the new quarter has begun and new expectations come with that. I don't really feel the transition though. I have been entrenched this week finishing a paper about Body Theology. It has become a real passion and a real interest for me the last few years and I am excited that it is being written in academic form. I have come to terms with my nerdom and pleased to be writing something that really embodies a lot of subjects that interest me: the church sucking, the body, feminism, theology, culture.

I couldn't be happier with how things are turning out for me and this paper. I would like to be done sooner than later but I don't know if that will happen. Life seems to swoop in but I think with enough coffee I will end up alright.

In a completely different note I am exploring a new method of practicing my spirituality. I am trying to meditate on a daily basis, giving either my morning or evening a bit of a rest and listen to what is happening in my life. I am trying to face the fears in my life and understand where they come from and why they exist. I am trying to recognize the places of hurt and pain, forgive them, and walk on with a new understanding. I am also practicing yoga. I want my body to catch up to where I have been working my mind. My mind is a tough muscle but my body has taken to being lazy. The most change I have experienced is that I went to a real church on Sunday. Pasadena Mennonite graciously opened their doors to the spiritual practices I believe in. They talked about serving our neighbors with environmental practices and the sermon touched on the grace and unity when we work together rather than compartmentalize our beliefs and understandings.

Something I noticed about myself is that I didn't fight through the service. I was around familiar faces and new ones that seemed kind. I was happy to be in the environment and felt at peace when I was offered communion. I think there might be something to community and meeting together. I don't know what it will look like but I would like to attend more frequently. I think I am beginning to make my home here in Southern California so I might as well settle in.

Back to the's to a healthy conclusion!!

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