Friday, August 31, 2007

And the end shall be the beginning.

Wilco on Jay Leno:

Well it was lovely to say the least. I went with some really great people. My friend Phil and Harris where the best companions because laughter is on top of the list to enjoy an evening with music and the boys from Super Bad. Those boys were really funny and I got a chance to chat quite briefly with Michael Cera (or George Michael from Arrested Development). He was lovely. I think his humor is so dry and his timing quite impeccable. Life is funny when you live outside the confines of Hollywood.

Though we should get back to the matter at hand....Wilco.
They played Either Way. The song I had yet to hear during their shows. It was perfect. I couldn't see Glenn Kotche (the drummer) so I had to lean far over to the left almost on top of Phil to see the song. It was great. I didn't get to meet them. Which is probably a good thing because I am sure I would have been a blubbering idiot. My friend Grant told me that I will be the person to write a spirituality on Wilco book. I am sure that would be or could be a possibility but I am not going to put undesired restrictions on such a band that so easily pushes past those created norms.

I think this tour was really quite lovely. There were no gimmicks or extra noise. There was limited chaos or confusion. the Ghost is Born Tour seemed more like an art explosion. High thought was needed to process through the sound and the visualizations of projections of patterns, animals, and abundances of color. This tour was more stripped down. It was simple. A few lights and a great set list. That's all they really needed. It was interesting to be outside for both shows as most of the concerts I have attended has been in the winter at venues that need to have heat and or a roof over the establishment.

This evening there were few words but there seemed to have quite a bit of energy. They seemed happy. Glenn was amazing all three evening. Nels Kline's guitar playing is nearly flawless and his ability to play blows my mind. I think it is amazing to see great musicians at their finest. They are so tight and there are minimal, if any, mistakes. The one commentary on life and living was mid Spiders (Kidsmoke). For those who may not know it is about 15 minutes long that sits on one beat and then layers different guitar parts throughout. Towards the end Jeff had everyone clapping together as one. He made a comment along the lines of falling into regimes, kind of like boots marching along, everyone falling into line. Conformity being the ruler. An interesting thought and comment about life and living.

Wilco is amazing. They continue to amaze me and impress me. They continue to draw me in. To think something different about who they are and how they are working in and with the culture. I think what they do is fabulous. There are other bands out there that work just as hard. Wilco is my favorite, I understand that. I hope they continue to make music for years more.

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