Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Tuesday!

Photo from Obey

With the athletic Super Bowl being a bit shocking I am gearing up for my Super Bowl, Super Tuesday! I have enjoyed politics since I was in High School. I loved that I could register to vote and has been a privilege ever since. My politics have changed quite a bit since I was 18 years old, growing up in a suburban neighborhood with conservative parents. I feel like I have a different language now than when I was an early voter.

My love for suffragists might draw from a few locations but knowing I have the privilege and the right to vote is such a pleasure. Every time I vote I feel like I get to wink at the women who forged so mightily ahead for my rights as being an equal. I am grateful for their ability to give up so much and as a woman every time I vote it is like a thank you for their work. That being said I don't get to vote tomorrow since I am still a Michigan resident and the Democratic primaries didn't count towards the caucus votes.

I am intrigued to find out the response of who we have voted for and who the majority of the country wants to have as their respective Democratic and Republican candidate. For me I am a Barak woman myself. I was so surprised a bit because of my stance of women in office. I like Hillary but I enjoy the voice of Barak and what he is standing for and the issues he is willing to stand behind. I like that he never supported the war. I like that he has both Muslim and Christian heritage. I like that he stands for the poor and urban populations. I like his ideas towards health care that is affordable to all and I like that he is willing to take away the tax break for those companies that are overseas. The jobs in America are swindling and we need to find out a way to make that easier for people.

As a Christian my concern for the poor go quite farther than the hot button issues of homosexuality (which is a non issue to me. Let people be free in who they are and how God has created them to be) as well as abortion (we have no education that encourages people to freely become who they are and we have enough dont's about sex rather than the ability to be educated as well as making choices for the self) that I think that the poor, health care, and the Iraq war needs to be dealt with first. My ethics guide me towards Kingdom perspectives that God is here and now and that we can create life that eases the burden.

Those are my thoughts and I am proud of who I am, where I came from, and have the ability to raise my voice in this issue. I don't need to debate my ideas and I know that this is something I am completely behind. I don't really wish to argue on my stances but if you have questions why please feel free to let me know.


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jeremy zach said...

so check this out: I moved and I did not notified the CA DMV in time, which means Jeremy cannot vote. Unless I drive all the way up to Pasadena.