Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday Class: Marxism and the Frankfurt School

If I was afraid of heresy I would have gone to Moody! (Todd Blackham)
( I thought that was funny)

Today's class was great. Monday I had a hard time making connections from the class. I think translation model is important but it just wasn't working for me. Today though with our discussion of Marxism and the Frankfurt school really got me thinking and processing. It is really connecting with my soul and spirit about how we make meaning with cultural artifacts and what and how we give meaning to things in our culture, how we produce in culture, and what we do with the meaning.

It reminded me that we need to be able to process through the arts as well as popular economy. The cycles of consumerism is something that needs to be discussed farther as well as the Post-Modern Marxism. I would like to know more about how we can make pratical applications to my everyday life.

I used to work with middle and high school students, especially girls, and teach media literacy. To understand and know how to decipher how our culture works is almost a foreign language to students. These kids spend so much time with these cultural artifacts yet have not a clue how to process through these media pieces. I think it is a great link with our faith to understand how culture works. Because so much of what we were talking about makes sense into the Christian faith saying believe what I believe and make sense how I make sense. I think we make make connections with Marxism but know what our Kingdom ethics make connections with life and what is worth living.

We can't be afraid to make connections with culture, it is neither evil nor bad. I think if we can change an evangelical language that takes chances and risks love it might be worth something to believe in.

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