Monday, February 18, 2008

My So Called Life

I spent the last few weeks watching My So Called Life. I loved this show when I was in middle school and loved it even more now. The story lines were smart and simple, yet carried weight and understanding of what it is really like to be a high school student, rather than the shows that highlight overpriced bags, unfortunate fashion, and bad haircuts.

Claire Danes is so cute and interesting. She carries emotion and the character of Angela so well. She is smart, funny, and she does this interesting lip quiver thing when she is about to cry. The shows script is so well written and I love the quirky characters. I love that they have the characters have the same clothing that they wear in multiple episodes.

I am going to take a time out and talk about my love for the fashion in this show. I love the flannel. I love the flannel on flannel. I love the dr. martens she wore with slouchy black socks. I love that Jared Leto always wore those striped sweaters. I love that Ray Ann always had these crazy put together outfits with that sack bag. I love the fashion and if you see me lately I will be wearing flannel. I love it and I desire to bring it back.

It's interesting to watch this show as an adult. I liked following the mom character and how hard core she was to following the rules and the American way of life than sitting back and listening to what her kids are going through. I guess I am wrestling with the ideas and identity of perfection. I think it's hard growing up and knowing how to do the right thing. What is this right thing anymore? What are we trying to do and how are we trying to live? Are we going to get over the fact that there isn't really one right way to live? and to love?

I am not sure if there are answers for this. When I finished watching the season I realized how good it was and how relevant it still is today. I think we are still wrestling with these issues with students there are just different clothes and different musical tastes but the issues are still the same.


grete rachel said...

Is there any way to totally articulate what an awesome and important show this was?? I think we should put together/edit a book of essays from people our age about why MSCL was/is important to them :)

My favorite episode ever just showed up on and I watched it last night--the one with Buffalo Tom. That last moment when Jordan grabs her hand, and the expression that she makes. Man, you know *excatly* what she was feeling, 'cause it happened to you too, just like that!

What's your favorite episode?

Josh said...

great freaking show. i used to be like brian. always tormented inside because i couldn't express myself. that's one tragic dude.