Saturday, August 11, 2007

on and on and on

I have not really heard any new great music lately.
or late greats.

The words in books look all the same lately.
I do have some thoughts mulling around. I am trying to connect the dots.

I see the same movies over and over again.
The novelty of new seems just to be that, a novelty.

I stepped on my camera face.
It is cracked and I can't see the screen.

I need to go to a park. The ocean. The downtown of a city.
I need a different restaurant. A different street.
I need to be inspired.
I need create something.

I think I am realizing that I hate the summer and looking forward to the fall.
There always seems to be a change in me.
Maybe new people.
Or falling leaves.
Or walks in city streets.
The summer is long.
and hot.
and I want to take a nap.

The sameness is.....

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