Sunday, August 26, 2007

Welcome to Wilco Week

Can you imagine driving in a moving truck squished in the front seat or sneaking in the back and trying to catch a nap as it drives down the highway. This is what i remember from my first excursion to see Wilco. It was in Des Moines, Iowa. A long trip but a really great show. Some friends were part of a music festival and had bought the tickets for Grr for his birthday. It was a memorable trip and was the first of many shows that I have seen of what I would consider a little taste of heaven.

Tomorrow I head down to San Diego to see the best band (or what I can say is the best band), WILCO!! My overt obsession of the band is pretty well documented and I am really excited about the ability to go to the show. It has been maybe a couple of years since I saw the full band perform. I saw Jeff Tweedy solo right before i moved to California and that is slowly approaching the two year mark for that. I can say that I have changed a lot in that time but what hasn't changed is the love i have for this band.

I was talking to a friend the other day who was a bit shocked that I was going to see them three times this week. Yes, friends, three times!! My reply was that some people like to collect things like model trains or airplanes. I just love a band with some of the best musicianship in my time. I feel lucky. Oh so lucky. I am sure I will update post tomorrow evening where I have fourth row tickets. I hope that tomorrow night is not a night I will soon forget.

So my friends....welcome to Wilco week where I believe this will be my thoughts documented on my week with Wilco...
Monday: San Diego at the San Diego State Open Air Auditorium
Tuesday: probably obsessing about the show
Wednesday: Los Angeles at the Greek Theatre
Thursday: Seeing them on the Jay Leno show


Tricia said...

I love you and your obsession!

throwingroses said...

you like wilco??? never would have thunk it.