Friday, August 3, 2007

Who i may be.

I have been reading so much lately. Every spare moment I get I am putting my head, eyes, and ears to yet another dialouge or another theory. It has been so good for me to just interact with different lives and all at the same time putting the CD player on and letting the beautifulness ring out. I have been listening to some older records that I thought needed some re-playing time. Damien Jurado, Cat Power, Neutral Milk Hotel, Jurassic Five, an old mix cd full of goodness and heartbreak, and Sigur Ros. Love.

Today I finished a Hip Hop view of women and within the next breath I opened DeCapo' Best Music Writing 2001 edited by this man Nick Hornby. I bought the book for a penny and if I only read the introduction I will count it as one of the most valuable pieces of literature I have read in some time. To people who don't really music writing or music in general it could be just ink on paper but I am fully aware of what he is trying to say. I think what makes Hornby so brilliant and so valuable is that he understands the natural ebb and flow of life that brings both joy and sorrow. Those that attempt to make music may do a fabulous life altering piece while others make an attempt but it travels no further than that.

For Hornby wrote this at the end of his introduction:
"Every critic is a fan, and fandom can often be shot through with envy; it takes a steady nerve and a great generosity of spirit to keep that envy out of the writing. You won't find much that is mean in this book; but you will find lots of stuff trying to explain why music matters, what it means, where it, and the impulse to make it, comes from. In other words, this book is hopefully not about music at all, but about what makes us human." (pg. 6)

I will leave you with that thought....

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Pete said...

Have you read any of his novels?

Music plays a huge part in all of them.